If you are a programmer, you surely know the classic greeting "Hello, world!". It is the first program we learn to write in any programming language and its only function, making it the most basic program possible, is to print that simple message on the screen. And just as this greeting is the first step into the world of programming, this article is for me the first step in starting this small personal space that I had neglected until now.

From the web address and as you might have noticed from many places on this site, you will know that my name is Ricardo Antonio. I am from Mexico and not long ago, I decided that I wanted to dedicate my time to doing what I love, programming. So I started this journey with high expectations. Some have been fulfilled and others not quite as expected, but here I am, enjoying the sights that this wonderful, and sometimes complicated journey has offered me. Also, learning English is part of this journey. I’m trying to improve my writing skills, so it’s possible that sometimes you won’t understand what I’m saying. Please be patient with me.

The topics I write about will be varied, but I will surely share the experiences, knowledge, and skills I acquire that may be useful to others. So, I make no promises about a specific structure or section, but most of what I write in some way will be related to programming and technology and I hope to do it in a conversational tone rather than a technical one.

Like any novice programmer facing “Hello, world!”, I am excited about what will come next and the opportunities that await me. As a free space to express myself, I hope my blog can be a place to unleash my ideas and, above all, that they prove to be useful for those who read them.

If you have made it this far, thank you so much for reading! I would love to know what you think, so leave me a comment and don’t hesitate to follow me on my social networks. Until the next post!

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